Internet Pathways
Internet Pathways is a human capital and community economic development think tank. We have been studying the potential socioeconomic goals and objectives that could be achieved by establishing stronger relationships between the 3D printing, robotics and cyber security industries and the banking and financial services industry. In this context, we recognize an opportunity to leverage the financial support of large bank deposits, small business loans, place-based impact investing, philanthropy and foreign direct investment. We are currently focused on the Appalachian Region of the United States. Our national scope extends to include all of North America, Europe and Australia.

Our research indicates that federal funding for human capital and workforce development in the additive manufacturing, robotics and cyber security industries, along with the place-based impact investing opportunities created by new banking and workforce development legislation, can be leveraged to advance STEAM, financial and entrepreneurship education, create jobs and support the integration of business and social entrepreneurship. The enterprise is designed to broaden the socioeconomic value propositions of community reinvestment and economic development strategies.

The process can also create global new business and markets development opportunities for education institutions, research and development institutes, commercial enterprises and others that provide education, skills mastery,  products, services and technology related to our target industries. We are positioning a 200 million dollar federal investment in apprenticeship to serve as catalytic capital for an enterprise focused on place-based impact investing and foreign direct investment in the Appalachian Region. We welcome collaborations with academic, government and commercial strategic partners in this regard.


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